CMMi Implementation Approach

Implementing any new system within a company is often a challenge and this holds true when a company decides to implement the CMMI® model. There are some activities that can help ensure a successful and somewhat stress-free implementation and I’m going to describe eight actions that can increase the likelihood of success when implementing the […]

What is CMMi Level 2

Maturity Level 2 Managed (CMMI-DEV) What is the Maturity level A maturity level is a well-defined evolutionary plateau toward achieving a mature software process. Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement. What is Maturity Level 2 At maturity level 2, the projects have ensured that processes are planned and […]

CMMi Consulting and Appraisal

ABS consultants are experienced to understand organization process needs & interpret CMMI model in their context. We at ABS strive to help organization to define, revise processes to meet CMMI requirements by interpreting it in their context & working need, train the process users, help in implementation through coaching & audits. We at ABS support […]

What is CMMi?

CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model®  Integration) is an integrated set of best practices that enable businesses to improve the performance of their key business processes. This model was developed by product teams with members from the industry and CMMI Institute. The architecture and design of the CMMI V2.0 Product Suite is a radical departure from its […]

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