CMMi Consulting and Appraisal

ABS consultants are experienced to understand organization process needs & interpret CMMI model in their context. We at ABS strive to help organization to define, revise processes to meet CMMI requirements by interpreting it in their context & working need, train the process users, help in implementation through coaching & audits.

We at ABS support organization to improve & sustain processes through:

  • Identifying gaps between existing processes and CMMI requirements

  • Understanding “as-is” steps in the organization

  • Defining “to-be” processes to meet CMMI requirement by refining “as-is” step

  • Help in Implementation through training to process users and documentation

  • Transferring knowledge to process group (EPG)

  • Supporting to sustain processes & continuous improvement

For more information on CMMI based process improvement, please write to us


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